how can you mend a broken heart

ever heard of chaos theory, Ed? it's a science, tries to determine underlying patterns in chaotic systems like weather, ocean currents, blood flow sort of things. but it turns out that are few things more chaotic than the beat of a human heart. its beating up, slowing down. pretty face, flirty stares. it's always changing on what's happening to ourselves out there. it's an erratic son of a bitch. but underneath all of that bump-da-bump mess, there is in fact a pattern, the truth, and it's love. most important thing about love is that we choose to give it, and we choose to receive it. making it the least random act in the entire universe. it transcends blood, it transcends betrayal and all the dirt and makes us human.
(... do filme teoria do caos)


  • Anónimo

    Therefore love is the engine that makes the world go round and theres nothing random about it.

    Whenever we CHOOSE to give it and it's given back to us, the wordl is in fact a wonderful palce.

    This post should be read while earing Bee Gees.

  • K

    Só para dizer… que amo este post…

  • Vespinha

    Off-topic: Ando com esse livro de receitas aí do lado debaixo de olho… :)

  • X

    Muito bom final, principalmente para quem tem um heart that is opening without clear invitation and becaming dangerous to his owner. Em estrangeiro estas banalidades até parecem importantes. Fez pensar um bocado, foi bom.

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