the meaning of crowded

enrique cruz: so, she had a boyfriend, for how long? 
[nods yes, holds up two fingers] 
enrique cruz: two years, what happened? 
viktor navorski: he chit. 
enrique cruz: what? 
viktor navorski: he chit. 
enrique cruz: eat shit? 
viktor navorski: he chit, he chit, he chit. 
enrique cruz: okay, try to repeat exactly what she said. 
viktor navorski: he chit, she catch him so... 
enrique cruz: oh! he cheats! 
viktor navorski: yes, yes, yes! what we call krushkach. we say krushkach. one man, two womans. so, hmm, crowded. you know? ha! 
enrique cruz: okay, he *cheats*! you say cheats. 
viktor navorski: hmm-hum. he chit. 
enrique cruz: no, no. *cheat*. 
viktor navorski: enrique, you, no chit. 
enrique cruz: no cheat. 
viktor navorski: no chit. 
enrique cruz: yeah, yeah, I won't. I won't. I won't cheat. not chit. 
viktor navorski: she's a nice... nice girl, she won't take your chitting.

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