I was born in the midst of a hot country where the avocado trees grew and the avocados were like berries waiting to be picked and eaten. I loved avocados. I still love them.

When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a cook. Really it was much more because I loved to mix things together and transform them into other things, rather than because I wanted to be a great cook.



I ended up studying chemistry, which in many ways is very similar. As a chemist, I was able to mix many things using special containers and measurements, and I got back other things. But finally, after cooking, you always have to do the dishes!

After many mixtures, I ventured into the art of mixing letters to create words that together formed phrases that together told stories. So I stopped doing the dishes at the end of my work. But it didn’t take too long until I started doing the dishes again.

Suddenly the letters were also lines that created shapes and doodles that I could draw everywhere, anywhere, all the time when there was time… until this time where I am now!


Ideas are like avocados. Sometimes they have lumps too big to be swallowed, but if you put them in water they create roots, they grow stems and leaves, and they might grow into big avocado trees with so many avocados you feel you have to sell them. Then, as happened to me, you might want to open an avocado store (in Portuguese an abacataria) to sell all the avocados you create.

Don’t be afraid. Fortunately, avocados only ripen after being harvested…



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